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How to prepare for your party

Updated 11th June, 2018







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Choosing a Venue

Please ensure that your venue is suitable to hold a graffiti spray painting event. Safety during all events is our number one priority.


Outdoor venues


Outdoor venues are the best location for graffiti spray paint parties, however there are some things you must still consider...



Safe area

Please ensure the party is away from any open flames i.e. BBQs, fire pits, open flamed heaters, or any other fires or sparks.



If you think it's going to rain we would advise putting up a gazebo /marquee suitable for the amount of people you having attend the party.

If you do not have a gazebo you can also hire gazebos from us up to 24 hours before the party.


Indoor venues with at least 5 windows and doors.


If your venue has 5 or more wide opening windows or doors we will use a mixture of traditional solvent paints and indoor water based paints. In addition, we use a powerful ventilator machine to suck fumes out of the room when possible and we also use respiratory masks for each person.


How wide is wide?

Each window or door must open to at least a 45 degree angle. We understand doors and windows work differently so if for example you have two large doors that open to 90 degrees or more, this can make up for the 4 x 45 degree windows.



Indoor venues with at less than 5 windows and doors.


If the venue doesn’t have the required ventilation, you must let us know before the party as you will only be able to use our  indoor paints.

There is a small additional charge per party package but without it, you will not be able to hold the party.


If you have not ordered the indoor paints before the day of your event and the venue is not suitable, there is a risk the party can not take place for safety reasons. So we strongly advise checking before hand.

On the day of your event, if the artist accesses the venue and determines the ventilation is inadequate he/she should be able to offer you an upgrade to the indoor only paints (subject to availability).  Payment can be made to the artist in cash.


Price for indoor paints.

- £10 for 10-15 person party package

- £20 for 16-24  person party package

- £30 for 24- 30 person party package


Why the change of paints may be needed?

The indoor paints are water based paints designed to be used in areas with less ventilation. They however are more expensive and do not last as long as regular paints.




When sending out invites it is a good idea to let people know they are coming to a graffiti art party, which means they could get a little messy.

Mainly on their hands but the paint can get on clothes so it's best to wear old clothes and shoes. We do provide disposable coveralls at £2.70 per person. Coveralls are free with the Supercharged package.



Arrival time.

We typically arrive 20-30 minutes before your party is due to start and will need to set up straight away.



Parking for a transit van sized vehicle will be needed for at least 3 hours on the day of your party, so please ensure you have parking in a safe area close to the venue.

If a permit or a parking ticket is required, please ensure the artist has this ready for them on arrival. This can cause delays and issues with start times and unloading equipment.



We will take a 15-20 minute break after about 50 minutes - one hour of the party.

This is a great time to do food or snacks. If doing main food at this point please leave cutting of the cake to the end of the party to ensure we can restart the party on time.


Protection for the Floor

We take every care  to protect the area from getting any paint on any surface area by setting up large sheets around the paint zone. We also give a comprehensive talk at the start to everyone knows where the can and can not spray!




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graffiti art workshops Graffiti Workshops for schools
Payments for Graffiti Art Workshops, Parties and products
graffiti art workshops Graffiti Workshops for schools
Payments for Graffiti Art Workshops, Parties and products